Student Drop Off/Pick Up Information

Each school day, over 400 students are dropped off and picked up at the Roy Gomm Elementary School. All of these students are dropped off in a twenty-minute period involving buses, cars, bicycles, and pedestrians. A driver dropping off, or picking up a student will likely encounter a crosswalk, a bike lane, and have children within feet of a moving vehicle.

The staff and volunteers do everything possible to insure the safety of our students, however, it is important that drivers are made aware of, and follow the safety procedures regarding the drop off/pick up process, and that they use extreme care when driving near and on the school campus.

Drivers must follow the directions of staff and/or volunteers. In most cases, the people directing traffic are highly experienced and are trained in how to manage the traffic in and around the school. At times they will stop traffic in the street to allow the most efficient flow of cars during the drop off process. Failure to follow their instructions endangers the safety of our students.

Backyard Roundabout
Students can be dropped off in the back of the school (Backyard Roundabout) using the West driveway (Note: the West driveway is located inside the school fence. The paved road on the outside of the fence is a street that is not connected to the school.) The West driveway is gated and is open only for morning drop off and afternoon pick up.

Drivers should be aware and yield for bicyclists in the bike lane, and pedestrians crossing the driveway. Usually a parent or volunteer will be present at the entrance of West driveway during the highest traffic periods to monitor and direct car, pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

The following etiquette is used for the Backyard Roundabout:

  • Please be courteous to all children, parents, and faculty around you. The Parent patrol
    volunteers are there to ensure your child’s safety.
  •  Traffic will run in a single file order – NO PASSING – follow car in front of you.
  •  ALWAYS pull forward as far as you can – stay right behind the car in front of you.
  • The roundabout gate opens in the afternoon at 3:15 p.m.,
  • ALWAYS pull as far forward as possible along the drop off sidewalk. The first car should go all the way to the end of the drop off sidewalk before stopping. All other cars should move as far forward as possible behind the first car.  This will prevent back-ups on Mayberry Drive.
  • Drive SLOWLY in the roundabout area.
  • Have your child 100% READY to exit the vehicle when you reach the drop-off zone.
  • NEVER get out of your car – this is a DROP OFF/PICK UP ONLY zone – parent volunteers OR duty teachers will assist children in and out of vehicles.
  • NEVER park your vehicle or leave it unattended in the round-about.
  • NEVER let your child cross through traffic at any point. Your child is not to exit the vehicle until you reach the drop-off or pick-up zone along the sidewalk at the end of the roundabout.
  • ONLY turn RIGHT when you are exiting the parking lot onto Mayberry Drive.
  • As a courtesy to your child, please arrive early so they can make it to class on time with limited stress.
  • If you are having a family member or friend drop your child off, please familiarize them with our policies as well.
  • Parking is allowed in the Bus Circle between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. ONLY. Otherwise, your vehicle may be towed.

Mayberry Street Parking
There is limited parking on the South side of Mayberry Street, West of the campus. If you would like to park and walk your child(ren) to the campus.

As a courtesy to the businesses in the shopping center East of the campus, please do not park in their parking lot to drop off or pick up students. It is perfectly acceptable to patronize those businesses and park there. Walden’s Coffeehouse is a favorite stop of many parents.