School Dress Code (Uniform and Free Dress Days)

Roy Gomm School Uniform Requirements
(2015-2016 THROUGH 2018-2019)


  • Uniform shirts are polo style shirts that are available in red and navy blue. These shirts may or may not have the Roy Gomm logo on the front. Shirts cannot have a visible brand logo, such as a Nike swoosh.
  • Uniform shirts are available for purchase through Kate’s Logos or Miller’s Jackets and Uniforms. Polo shirts without a logo may be purchased at any location, such as Target or Wal-Mart.
  • On cold days, students may wear red, white, black or navy long-sleeved or turtleneck shirts under their uniform shirt. These are optional and may be purchased from the location of choice.

Sweatshirts (optional)

  • Full zip or hoodie sweatshirts in red or navy blue may worn inside.
  • The sweatshirt may or may not have the Roy Gomm logo on the front.
  • For the sweatshirt to be worn inside, it must not have any visible brand logo.


  • Uniform bottoms must be solid black, khaki or tan in color.
  • The bottoms that are acceptable include: long pants, capri-length pants, jumpers, skirts, skorts or shorts.
  • Skirts, skorts and shorts must be at least mid-thigh in length.
  • Uniform bottoms must not have a visible brand logo.
  • Uniform bottoms may be purchased from a location of choice.


  • Socks in solid colors are encouraged.
  • Tights and knee-high socks must be a solid color of red, black, navy, khaki, or white.


  • Shoes may be any color. Solid colors are encouraged.
  • Closed-toe shoes encouraged. No flip flops.

Tuck-in/Belts (optional)

  • Shirt tuck-in encouraged but not required.
  • Belts are encouraged but not required.


  • Ties and scarves are not to be worn inside.


  • Students may wear a coat over their uniform on cold days while outside at recess. Upon returning to the classroom, students are required to remove their outerwear to be in compliance with the school uniform policy.

The uniform may not be altered in any way. All other WCSD dress code rules will apply.

WSCD Dress Code for Free Dress Days

As specified in Washoe County School District procedures, “the dress or grooming of all students must not present potential health or safety problems or cause distractions.” Specific prohibitions or limitations include, but are not limited to, the following:

Condition and Wear of Clothing

Nothing that distracts or poses a safety hazard, to include holes, rips, or tears that reveal the body; and tight-fitting or revealing clothing.


  • No clothing that can pose a potential health or safety problem;
  • No gloves inside the building; no single glove at any time;
  • No jewelry or chains that can cause injury, to include hanging chains and metal spiked or metal studded accessories.


  • Tops must cover the upper and middle torso at all times;
  • Skirts must cover the lower torso with no skin showing between top and skirt;
  • Skirts and dresses must be at least mid-thigh in length; no miniskirts;
  • No exposed undergarments;
  • No halter, tank or tube tops; no transparent, half, or muscle shirts;
  • No exposed shoulders;
  • No low cut necklines, exposed cleavage, or spaghetti straps;
  • No pajamas, lounge wear, or bathrobes; and
  • Inappropriate tops may not be covered with sheer shirts, sweatshirts, or jackets.


  • Must cover lower torso with no skin showing between top and pants/shorts;
  • No exposed undergarments;
  • No sagging pants or shorts;
  • No single rolled up pant leg;
  • No exposed buttocks;
  • Belt buckle monograms must be appropriate;
  • No hanging or extended belt lengths;
  • No unfastened overalls;
  • No cut-offs;
  • Shorts must be hemmed and at least mid-thigh in length; and
  • No mini-shorts.
  • Head Coverings
  • No head coverings or sunglasses worn in the building during school hours;
  • Exceptions are made for religious or medical reasons; and
  • No bandanas (all colors), do-rags (all colors), hairnets, surgical/shower caps, or hair picks at any time on campus or at any school-sponsored event.


  • Proper footwear at all times; and
  • No house slippers.

Language / Illustrations on Clothing

  • No obscene, vulgar, profane, or derogatory language or illustrations on clothing;
  • No sexual overtones, or anything that promotes weapons, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gang membership, or violence; and
  • Nothing that may be deemed a safety issue.