Classroom Etiquette

The following are suggestions regarding classroom etiquette to assist Roy Gomm parents in navigating the idiosyncrasies of elementary school. At times, it is hard to know what is okay and not okay, what may interrupt important teaching time, or how to best help our teachers focus on our children while still being an involved, helpful parent. We hope these suggestions will make this process easier.


  1. For the safety and security of our children, it is never appropriate to enter school grounds without notifying the school office. Please check in at the office and get a volunteer badge before going to a classroom. This is mandatory for the security of the school.
  2. Please don’t talk about students and things you learn by working with students outside of the classroom or discuss individual students with the teacher. Confidentiality is mandatory, and abuse of this guideline will not be tolerated. Not following this guideline will lead to a parent being asked not to volunteer in the classroom.
  3. Please do not attempt to have impromptu conferences about your child during your volunteer days. Let the teacher know that you would like to discuss your child’s progress and they will be happy to make an appointment with you.
  4. Please call or e-mail the teacher if you will be unavailable to volunteer at your scheduled time.
  5. Please put cell phones on silent while working in the classroom.
  6. Please do not accompany the teacher you are volunteering with while they are on duty. They need to focus their attention on supervising the children.
  7. Please do not bring young children with you when you are volunteering.

Interruptions during Class Time

  1. Do not go directly to the classroom to drop off an item (i.e., lunch, coat, etc.) or to relay a message to a student. Please go to the office, and they will contact the student.
  2. All students must be checked out from the office. There is a form you must sign and the office will call the student to the office for release. No student is ever to be released directly from the classroom without a call from the office.
  3. After-school plans should be made before school. During the school day it is difficult to relay numerous messages to students about where they should go, what they should do, and who they should go home with after school. If a message were somehow not relayed to the child and they were to go to the wrong place, not get picked up, etc., the consequences could be dire. Please try to be organized and let your child know prior to school what their after-school plans are. Emergencies are, of course, always an exception and we understand you may need to call occasionally – in which case we ask that you call prior to 2:00 p.m. so there is ample time to get the message to your children.

Student Birthdays

  1. Please only bring birthday invitations to be passed out at school if the entire class is invited. Otherwise, invitations should be mailed directly to a student’s home. Most student addresses can be found in the Student Directory which is included when you join the Parent Faculty Association or can be purchased separately.
  2. No individual treats for birthdays in class. Cupcakes, cookies, snacks, and other treats violate the Nevada State Nutrition guidelines that schools are required to follow. Also, many life threatening allergies exist among our children today and it is too difficult to police all treats, and special parties do interrupt critical mandated class instruction time. An alternative option is for parents to donate a book to the school library in honor of your child’s birthday. The librarian is happy to make recommendations and the book can be read to the classroom.

Scheduling Pre-Arranged Absences

  1. Please fill out an absence form in the office if you plan on your child being absent from school. This form must be filled out at least one week in advance of the student’s planned absence.
  2. The classroom teacher should also be notified one week in advance. This will allow them time to gather make-up work for the student during the absence.
  3. Prolonged absences should be discussed in advance with the principal.


  1. Students are not allowed to use the school phone to call a parent to make play dates, sleepovers, etc. Please reinforce this policy with your child.
  2. Siblings of enrolled students are not allowed to attend classroom parties or school field trips. For liability reasons, only enrolled students can attend these functions.
  3. Parking at Roy Gomm Elementary School is limited and strictly enforced. Please obey all parking laws and refrain from parking at Mayberry Landing unless you are patronizing those businesses. Mayberry Landing shop owners are very generous to Roy Gomm and we wish to be respectful neighbors.